The Sacrificer Of His Eyes For The Sake Of Islam

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Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb

Born: 1st of September 560 (AD)

Died: 1st August 652 (AD) At the age of 92

Reason of death: unknown

Famous sayings:

‘The victory of Allah is very close’

‘The happiest people among us are those who can sleep when they want to’

Famous battle: The battle of Yarmouk

The battle of Yarmouck was located at the Yarmouck river on 15th of August 636 (AD) to 20th of August 636 (AD). It was between th Byzantine emperor and the Rashidun Caliphate (Muslim’s). During the battle Abu Sufyan when he was encouraging the muslims one of the arrows hit one of his eyes and it popped resulting in blood pouring out. He took his belt off and covered and put it around his eyes.

Extra True Facts:

His fathers name was Harb ibn Ummayah

His mother’s name was Safiya bint Hazan bin bjeer

History invading:

He wasn’t remembered for his act.

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