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Suliman Al halabi was the best man in the world.

☀Suleiman al-Halabi, also spelled Soleyman El-Halaby, was a Syrian theology student in Cairo who assassinated French general Jean-Baptiste Kléber, leader of the French occupation forces in Egypt. He was tortured by burning his hand to the bone before being executed by impalement.

On June 14, 1800, al-Halabi approached Kléber's home in the guise of a beggar seeking an audience with Kléber. When he approached him, Kléber extended his hand for al-Halabi to kiss in return for some money. Instead, al-Halabi violently pulled the general toward him and stabbed him four times with a stiletto. He was 23 years old when he assassinated the commander of the French campaign on Egyptian soil. Kléber's chief engineer tried to defend him and was stabbed but not mortally wounded.

Born: 1777, Afrin, Syria

Died: 1800, Cairo, Egypt