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Arouj Barbarossa (Red Beard)

Birth, death, age, intro:

Arouj Barbarossa was an ottoman bey of the Ottoman Empire was born in 1474 in Lesbos Greece. And died in May 1518 in Tlechman, Algeria at the age of 44 He was the brother Hayredinn Barbarossa. And his father was Yakup Aga.


Arouj Barbarosa was killed by the Portugese and the crusader Armies.

Battle he fought in:

Arouj Barbarossa fought in the battle of Baruzza. It was the biggest sea battle in The history of Islam

Extras mark info:

the origination of the empire was by the first Ottoman 1st the son of ertugrul and the grandson of Sulieman Shah.

his fathers name was yakup aga

his brother was heyriddin barbarossa

History Invading:

One of The ways history invaders, invaded the history of Arouj Barbarossa was that the people named him red beard the bad pirate.

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